trThere are certain circumstances that may lead to one applying for an innocent spouse tax relief. In case one has a cheating spouse, or perhaps their spouse has lost their job, they have to inform the IRS immediately to diffuse any back tax issue. To qualify for innocent tax spouse relief, there are some tips that can help one qualify. They include; meeting all the IRS deadlines- in case an individual is not aware of how their spouse is manipulating books as a result of their hidden financial activity, they may qualify as it will be considered that either your spouse had a different business that they ran independently, you did not share an account and therefore its details. Or, you did not benefit from the money that was as a result of the account manipulation.

Secondly, an applicant for innocent spouse tax relief has to show proof to the IRS that they meet certain conditions. A good tax relief company can help. These include having filed for joint tax return that is an understatement of tax, the tax understatement has to be due to erroneous items of the spouse, there has to be proof that during the time for signing of the joint return, you were not aware of the understatement of tax on your spouse’s part and finally, assure the IRS that it is unfair to be held responsible for your partner’s circumstances. Thirdly, after filing for innocent spouse relief, it is imperative to fill in the questionnaire correctly and with the right information.

Do You Have A Source Of Income?

You could be entitled to a tax relief if you leave profitable work to take care of your kids. Get in touch with a tax attorney to be advised before clearing your desk at work. You could go back to school part-time if your kids are school going to enhance your skills to be relevant in the market place when you go back to work. You could be entitled to a further tax break if you are a single parent with more than one kid. You can get in touch with IRS personnel for any tax related questions.

A disability can make it impossible for one to work full time. Tax relief may be granted by IRS if one can prove disability. An elderly person could also be entitled to a tax break if they have back taxes. An extension for filing taxes can be sorted until a way of making a living is established. Visit your local IRS office to find out if you are eligible for their hardship program if have been struggling to make ends meet. They could revoke interests and late penalties if you have a convincing reason why you have not been able to settle your taxes.


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