CarboniteOddly, this happened to me yesterday.   I thoughtfully wrote an article about the police in my city, when bang the power went out and my computer shut down. I sent a flurry of curse words into the air. Then I remembered, I had invested in Carbonite. I sighed with relief, knowing that my lost file was available to me. I simply had to re-download it to my computer. Phew, what a relief.

I know you can related to this, additionally, there are worse issues that can happen to your computer rendering it useless. It is a fantastic statistic that millions of hard drives crash every year. And oddly, we carry auto insurance, life insurance and all kinds of methods to evade tragedy in our lives, yet the one thing that we use on a consistent basis we don’t provide any type of coverage for. Imagine for a moment, that your hard drive crashes; it cannot be recovered and everything you have on it in is gone. Forever. I don’t know about you, but as a freelance writer, I spend my entire day sitting in front of my laptop. If it were to crash, or break for whatever reason, it could cost me a valuable contract, business relationship, time and money.

Carbonite is a well-established company that provides an online computer backup service, with some pretty cool benefits. First of all, the big reason we don’t cover our computers, I believe is the cost. Carbonite is very inexpensive for the service they provide, it is a mere $59.99 per year. That is only $4.99 a month, the cost of a cup of coffee.

Secondly, we don’t protect our computers because we think, “Eh it won’t happen to me.” Well, sadly, it will, I promise you. So why wait any longer? The average cost to have a professional recover your hard drive is about $1000. In addition to your lost time and production while you wait to learn if it will even work. It can happen by a simple spill of your beverage, or a natural disaster.

Carbonite also offers business plans as well. There is a startling statistic, if a company has a system wide crash and they are unable to fix it within 7 days, the company will go out of business within 6 months. That is more than enough reason for you to take action to avoid a computer disaster. This review agrees.

How it works. You download Carbonite to your computer, it runs seamlessly in the background while you’re online. It systematically backs up your files based on a set time frame, or as the files change. It is so easy, after the initial set up, you don’t have to do a thing.

As a part of your subscription they also offer unlimited cloud storage. You can back up your files without worrying about running out of space. Your files are encrypted and taken to one of Carbonite’s state of that art facilities that is safe from computer glitches or hurricanes and everything in between.

They offer a mobile app that allows you to sync, access and share all of your files with all your mobile devices. And because your files are a part of the cloud, they are available to you 24/7. In the event a catastrophe strikes, regardless if it is a simple spill, or a natural disaster, you can feel comfortable knowing that with a few clicks of the mouse, all your files can be restored.

Carbonite also has U.S. based customer support specialists on hand via phone, email or chat if you need help restoring your files. It is easy to set up initially, and once it is running, you no longer need to think about it. You can also back up your external hard drives and create a mirror image of your computer in the event you need to restore more than just your files.

Carbonite is an awesome service that is simple and easy to use, they offer a 15 day trial period to ensure you are happy with the service. What are you waiting for?